Emperor Norton Celebration

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Please read this warning first. This is what a certain group thinks of the discordians.

A jug of wine,
A leg of lamb
And thou!
Beside me,
Whistling in
the darkness.

Be Ye Not Lost Among Precepts of Order...
The Book of Uterus 1:5

The years mentioned here and below only refer to the year of this celebration's reinstitution, not the only years it can be celebrated.

-><- Gregorian dates: 02.01.2000 - 02.05.2000 -><-

What follows is the official announcement of this holy week.

I, Pope Kruptos of the Erisian Church, do hereby declare this, the 32nd day of the season of Chaos in the year 3166 on the day Boomtime, to be the start of Emperor Norton Celebration (ENC) week. This week shall last thru the 36th day of the season of Chaos in the year 3166, the day Sweetmorn. Although naming this week was delayed until now, it has been celebrated by early Erisians from before our recorded history. This week celebrates the coming of Saint Tib's Day. On this day we are one full phase of the moon from Saint Tib's Day. Early Discordians would look up at the moon and would revel in the knowledge that next time the moon looked like it did, it would be St. Tib's Day. This week was observed by imitating the insane until they were unsure if they were imitating the insane or the insane were imitating them. This was preceded or sometimes followed by the members proclaiming wild titles and believing them. Then Discordians would gather together and celebrate the insanity of it all (in appropriate ways) and play Discordian games until early the next day. This was a week of strong religeous meditation and celebration -- if that makes any sense you have missed the point of ENC. As time progressed and man became less dependent on nature to provide time-lines ENC was eventually forgotten. It was only late last night, as I consulted my pineal gland for the fifth time before bed, that a large purple polar bear appeared in my room. He said nothing and eventually vanished. In his place stood an Emperor Penguin who told me of the lost tradition. I was pecked violently until I promised to spread the word and reinstitute this celebration of insanity. As soon as I agreed the penguin stepped into my mirco-fridge and vanished.

While the above is listed as a week holiday it is in fact a one day holyday that turns into a weeklong celebration. The 32nd is the holyday but for those who think this is not enough it can be (and usually is) extended into a weeklong event. It has been this way from the beginning and thus shall it be forever.

While this tradition only makes sense if you celebrate it once every four years don't let that stop you. Feel free to celebrate it each year in anticipation of the next St. Tib's Day.

As always: Hail Eris! fnord.

How to observe ENC.

As always, you are free to do what you want, or if you don't, don't.

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