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Discordian Hall of Fame
Norton Name: Joshua Norton
Born: Febuary 14th, 1819 (Lodon, England)
Died: January 8th, 1880 (San Fransisco, California)
Joshua Norton came to San Fransisco, hoping to corner the rice market there with the growing number of chinese immigrants flooding the area, with some $40,000 in 1849. Unfortunately in the following ten years he didn't have a lot of success in his endeavors so he found himself on the edge of poverty. Depression or grief or perhaps something else entirely had their effect on Joshua Norton. On September 17th of 1859 he declared himself Emperor of the United States of American and Protector of All Mexico. Surprisingly enough he did not quickly find himself on the inside of a padded cell. Instead the San Fransisco papers printed his proclomations. The personal bank notes that he had printed were accepted by local establishments. He proclaimed that the Golden Gate bridge be built. He settled disputes between locals and his decisions were almost always honored. Between 10,000 and 30,000 people attended his funeral. The story of Emperor Joshua Norton is magical. A man went insane, and yet it gained him more respect than he had ever had before in his life.

MetaChao salutes Emperor Joshua Norton as the miracle of hope that he was.

When you read this we would appreciate it if you took a moment to mourn the passing of such an unbelivable man.

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Discordian Hall of Fame
Emperor Josuha Norton I